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5 Things to Know About Handmade Jewelry

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5 Things to Know About Handmade Jewelry
Handmade Jewelry Cross Set
FCC- Chunky Versatile Cross Necklace Set- Handmade

Handmade jewelry is not appreciated enough and underestimated in value. Making a piece of handcrafted jewelry uses many techniques to accomplish a fine and quality product.


The early signs of established jewelry making in Ancient Egypt were around 3,000–5,000 years ago. Handmade jewelry goes way back to prehistoric times. Shells, animals, teeth, and other found objects were used to adorn the body. Also 40,000 years ago in Africa, handmade jewelry included crude necklaces, bracelets made of bone, teeth, and stone stitched to animal sinew. With the time techniques, tools, and guidelines changed, and the competition got stronger among jewelry makers.

Five facts about this topic of jewelry made by hand will open your eyes to appreciate more the work involved to create one of a kind piece of jewelry, whether by artisans or any other jewelry maker person.


2- According to the guidelines of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, a piece of jewelry to be stamped or called “handmade” in the United States, the work must be done solely by hand power or hand guidance. Meaning that jewelry may be made using drillslathes, or other machinery, but it must be handcrafted.


Handmade jewelry is very intrinsic for the detail and character associated with every piece. Unlike modern machine-made jewelry, no two pieces of handmade jewelry are alike. Even the smallest difference in detail from one to the other makes it unique on its own. Imperfections seen on some handmade jewelry is part of that unique material used such as stones or mold made jewelry; however, that does not take away the beauty of it. 

Tools and Techniques Involve

a. Many artists who hand make jewelry do not use pre-made, or mass produced fabricated parts at all. Using wires or metal they can create earring hoops, hooks, brooch pins, clasps, necklaces, and so much more. Making jewelry by hand uses many techniques such as forging, raising, chasing, soldering, and more to create complex forms.

Chunky turquoise Handmade jewelry necklace
Bead Chunky Turquoise Necklace

b. There are also various types of pressured techniques using stones to create a different kind of pieces. Metals may also be etched, engraved or colored using a wide variety of techniques which are well known to the smiting community.

c. However, for the average artisan, a great deal of jewelry is created entirely by hand with the assistance of basic jewelry making techniques. Few to mention are wrapping gemstones, beads in wire, threading, sodding or twigging strands of beads for necklaces or bracelets.

d- The typical artisan whether professional or amateur utilize different types of metals and gemstones in their work; gold, bronze, diamonds, cubic zirconia stones, faux pearls, fiberglass, crystals, and many others. These days the contemporary jewelry artisan makes use of an array of media such as paper, textiles, plastics, wood, ceramic, even plants to make their one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Uniqueness of Handmade Jewelry

a- Jewelry makers use great versatility combining raw materials with style and personal character to achieve the beauty in their dynamic one-off pieces. Handmade jewelry has become very popular for its uniqueness in style.

b- Many women that prefer to buy handmade jewelry feel as if that piece was made especially for them for the character and uniqueness of the design.  They feel as if that piece was created to cater to their personality, fashion style, and taste; therefore, they are more likely to feel attached to it.  

c- When you break a piece of handmade jewelry, depending on what section or part, the repaired jewelry will not be the same constructed style again. That is the beauty of handmade jewelry; you then will have new original jewelry from the old piece. Nice!

d- Artisans or amateurs spend tons of hours designing, thinking about ideas and patterns, selecting their materials, comparing, searching, testing, even braking pieces during their trial stage for the end product to be the exquisite piece they had in mind. A value of handmade jewelry is priceless for those same reasons. The end creation is what is all about. 

e- Art created by hands is a gift from God, and jewelry is no exception. Owning a piece of jewelry that is created in its uniqueness by a person is a story to tell. That person might not have a famous name, but her or his name are carried over with you whenever you go, just because you got his creation. 

Maria Silver Butterfly offers you handmade jewelry by artisans from around the world that put their unique touch on each piece without compromising style or quality.

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