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Brooches: A Guide for A New Enthusiast


Brooches are one of the oldest types of accessories that are still popular in the fashion world. They’re seen as a great way to complete your ensemble and can spruce up any boring outfit.

Brooches are decorative accessories made of precious metals, gemstones, and some even have intricate metalwork on them. You can find various designs that include floral motifs, animals, and even insects!

Keep your personal style in mind

When it comes to choosing the perfect brooch, it’s important for you to keep your personal tastes and preferences in mind and find one that truly reflects them. They a great way to portray what you’re all about, and you can freely choose between bolder or more subtle varieties.

Moreover, make sure you choose a brooch that matches the colors and designs of your wardrobe, instead of buying an entire wardrobe to match them. Many people wearing brooches with simpler tops to add a little glam to them. This adds the ideal design element to them and makes them appear sophisticated.

Popular kinds 

Brooches come in a diverse variety, and it’s important for you to know your options before you head out to buy your brooch.

Cameo brooches, for instance, typically feature images of people or animals. Some even have floral patterns carved onto them. Fur or dress clips, as well as animal and insect-themed brooches are also extremely popular and can be styled in numerous ways. They comprise intricate details and have colored gemstones on them.

Butterfly Brooch

Wearing a brooch

A brooch isn’t limited to just your dress or top, and you can pin it in a variety of ways. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily always have to be too formal or conservative either. If worn right, you can wear it in fun and quirky ways.

If you want to make your brooch stand out, consider pinning it onto your scarf, hat, or beanie. Many women also choose to attach them to their skirts or pants for some added sparkle. You may also attach it to a chain and wear it as a pendant!

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