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5 Surprises for Sweetheart in Valentine’s Day

5 Surprises in Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to buy the most expensive, shiniest object in the world as a symbol of your commitment, but it doesn’t hurt to give something that’s meaningful and beautiful to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

There’s never any going wrong with jewelry or accessories, which is perfect for your dream girl! Treat her to something unique instead of the boring old store-bought variety of accessories. Invest in some gorgeous, unique handmade jewelry from our store for your gift in Valentine’s Day.

Crafted in pure silver and made of a combination of gemstones and semi-precious stones, you can get:

1. A chunky turquoise single strand necklace

This necklace is a gorgeous, bright turquoise color that’s bound to catch anyone’s eye. It’s a lovely Bohemian looking piece that’ll bring a pop of color and make a statement on any outfit. Pair it with something casual like a cool white button-down, or a dress for a fancy night out. Either way, this beauty is bound to be a great choice. You can find handmade turquoise necklaces for sale here!

2. Freshwater pearl bracelets

Valentines Day

Pearls are a girl’s best friend. Give your special girl a gorgeous pearl bracelet that she can wear to work, brunch, date night or anywhere else you take her! Any time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of you. It’s a delicate bracelet that won’t overwhelm the entire look, but makes it more elegant.

3. Silver cuff

Valentine's Day Bracelet

This silver cuff is a trendy but edgy handcrafted beauty that’s perfect for daily wear and accessorizing. Incredibly versatile but fun, the design is funky yet simple. It’s a statement piece that isn’t going to draw attention unnecessarily but is sure to stand out—a perfect way to be bold, but not loud.

4. Crystal necklace and earring set


Crystal jewelry is always a plus and you can never have enough of it. Intricately crafted, this necklace and earring set is what anyone would wear on a night out. A casual, fun date to the movies, maybe dinner or dancing calls for something dressy and subtle, which is what makes this set perfect.

5. Handmade scarves

Scarves are an accessory that a lot of us don’t value enough. They truly tie an outfit together, adding a finesse that very few things can. If you’d rather try something more fun and bold, these scarves are perfect for bringing in that oomph we’re all looking for!

It’s never too late to pick the perfect present, so hurry up! Here are some fun ways you can wrap presents for the special day.

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