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Why Small Businesses Need Your Support

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S., each of them probably has a unique story to tell, a selling point that puts them apart from competitors and bigger corporations.

These are businesses that serve millions of customers, specializing in all sorts of services and products. Take us, for instance. We offer accessories and jewelry such as handmade brooches and handmade turquoise necklaces for sale.

Small businesses and companies are essential to the culture and ecosystem of a place. They bring in a lot of diversity and help communities thrive. People must offer their support to these businesses and invest in them. After all, it’s one of the ways to sustain them.

Some of the most important reasons to support local  and businesses are:

They sustain and create jobs

Small businesses help sustain jobs for locals, reducing unemployment rates and problems that come with it. A profitable local business will branch out and require more hires, thus creating work opportunities for people around them. By choosing to get the same products and services from larger firms, you’re not doing much for those in your immediate vicinity and are, in fact, more likely to drive people out of work.

More money in the local economy

This is also a major advantage of small businesses. They’re less dependent on exports, foreign labor and spending outside the local economy. Small business owners are also more committed to their communities and giving back and not to mention, the taxes they pay are also used to sustain the local economy. From bills and other utilities to salaries, the money spent by local businesses tends to circulate within your community.

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Small businesses offer better customer service

Since there’s often an absence of a long and complex hierarchy, with owners being directly involved in management and customer service, and a particular emphasis on customer satisfaction, small businesses fare better in this area. Small businesses have a lot more at stake, working with smaller clientele and often direct involvement of higher-ups. You can expect to be heard.

Preserve and improve craftsmanship

This is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the things that make small businesses special. Having a business that is built upon craftsmanship, skill and producing unique goods and services is important and when business owners with unique skill-sets can no longer sustain their work, clients lose the chance to experience something truly wonderful. from special techniques of artwork to foods with family history, these businesses offer something others can’t.

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