About us

is the story of Maria Silver Butterfly starting in 1994 while serving the USA Forces. We have 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and are passionate about exceeding customers expectations. Quality, uniqueness, and affordability are our motto. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous jewelry value.

About us: How MSB came to be

In 1994 I was a registered nurse working for the USA Army and making jewelry in my spare time, mostly for fun. I used to sell them to coworkers and friends. Motivated by my friends, I started to showcase my unique jewelry pieces in craft bazaars and in consignment boutiques.

One day my friends and coworker suggested doing a home jewelry party, which I did with their help. It was fun, relaxing and profitable for sure. Home jewelry parties became a part-time business which in turn helped me to build a nice active clientele portfolio that lasted years, however, as we know the army moves you from place to place, so my business moved with me everywhere I went.

This also was a great opportunity for me to meet artisans from different countries, learn from them, improve my jewelry designs, learn about stones, gemstones and so forth. I also learned about how to start a formal jewelry business. Besides making jewelry, I started to collect jewelry from artisans all over the world expanding more my collection of jewelry.

After so many years doing home jewelry parties, I decided to take the jewelry business to a whole new level, the Internet. That was a challenge, to say the least. I needed to create a name for my business, design a website and learn how to do marketing. It was hard work, considering that I was working full time and had two children.

Then, I had to find a formal name for my business. The previous name was Maria’s Home Jewelry Party. This time it had to be meaningful enough to make a statement. Well, after many scribbles and thoughts, the name of Maria Silver Butterfly came to be. If you are curious to know why I named it Maria Silver Butterfly here is: Maria is my name, silver butterfly for the love I have for butterflies and silver jewelry. So simple, attractive and unique.

With the time, my husband Rick got involved. He was Army active at the time. He built all sort of gadgets to display my jewelry, took all my jewelry photos to display on the website among many other tasks. He became the biggest supportive person in my business. He got involved in creating all the advertisements and marketing for me.

Together we designed, from scratch, our website, with lots of trials and tribulations but at the end resulted in a professional, well-made website.
We worked for years on our website, no hiring anyone to do it. We could write a book about DIY websites. We did SEO and anything to bring visitors to our website.

about us

Maria- Owner and founder

I have always said, ” little by little makes it grow.” Here we are presenting you with our unique website Maria Silver Butterfly or for short MSB.

 About Us page co-owner of Maria Silver Butterfly

Rick- Co-owner

We love our customers and welcome your feedback or suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.”

Why Choose Us? : Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals

We are a unique online shopping store that focuses on customer satisfaction and privacy. We want the customer to be open to us and vice versa. Our return policy is flexible to meet your needs.

Core Values Mission, Vision Maria Silver Butterfly
Why choose us

Our Mission is for every customer to receive special attention and rewards for their purchase(s) by offering what other online stores won’t.

  • All items packed in beautiful gift boxes or pouches,
  • always free shipping,
  • extra savings coupon,
  • small free gifts or knickknack as a token of love and appreciation with every purchase
  • free jewelry through our birthday club.


About Us/ Artisan member
Maria Silver Butterfly Team Member- Brian

Our Vision is to have a special business relationship with our customers and to dress every woman with a world of jewelry because we celebrate life, fashion, and beauty!

Core Values
• work hard to bring the best service and product to our customers
• always show our customers our integrity and passion to serve them
• work with our customers for full satisfaction or money back.
• embrace innovation and change to keep customers coming back to our site
• offer products that shine on quality, beauty, and affordability.

Our goalis to cater to every woman young to old, women of fashion and uniqueness with one of a kind jewelry piece. Knowing us will make your shopping experience confident to trust your business transaction.

We are hoping that our website and our jewelry are of your delight. Our website has handmade jewelry from all over the world and accessories to please all ages. We have just fantastic but short selection of handmade and artisan-made jewelry such as Akoya and Tahitian pearls, rhinestones jewelry, wedding collection, gemstones necklaces set, turquoise and the uniqueness of the chunky necklaces.

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