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Want to Add Sparkle to your Personality with Top-Notch Jewelry Pieces

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Want to Add Sparkle to your Personality with Top-Notch Jewelry Pieces

Add sparkle to your personality with a good selection on Top Notch Quality Jewelry. The jewelry does not have to be expensive, however, need to be elegant to make a statement. The key to purchasing top-notch quality jewelry products is knowing the jewelry industry. Keep eye on the unusual, unique and elegant. Learn all you can about jewelry and stones. Visit stores and acquire a sense for the best at the best price. Browse the internet and look for handmade jewelry, they are usually different and not mass produce. It takes good knowledge to make such a unique decision.

Jewelry that will Add Sparkle to Your Personality

girl and boy pendant
A boy and a Girl Pendant in
Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry pieces are so versatile and easy to get in any store. Handmade sterling silver pieces are unique and special. They will, for sure, add sparkle to any personality, at any time. Let’s take, for example, a sterling silver pendant, they come in different variety and sizes and, are so inexpensive to purchase. Just have two essential sterling silver chains, such a box chain and or snake chain, and about six pieces of pendants for different occasions. Baby Boomers love religious pendants such as crosses while the youth would prefer a more eclectic style. Select carefully with your personality in mind.

sparkle cat fancy pendant
Fancy Cat brooch

Brooches or Pins are in fashion these days. However, they’re one of the most underutilized accessories out there. While most other jewelry is worn only in the way it’s intended, the styling possibilities for brooches are pretty much up to your taste. Select one in sterling silver in a combination of crystals, stones or cloth. They will wear very well on the shoulder, the right side of a suit dress, at the end of a sleeve or on a shirt neck, for a statement piece.

Brooch pendant
Brooch on a Man

Brooches are exceptional to add sparkle to you personality and bring attention to you. Even a man can wear a brooch for that special occasion and looks cool.

rhinestone headband
Rhinestone Headband

Rhinestones will sparkle your personality for their brightness and diamonds look alike. They are shiny, sparkly, glittery and dazzling. However, rhinestones are not diamonds but imitation diamonds made of cut quartz, crystals, acrylic, glass or paste.

Rhinestones can be worn in daylight as long as they are a simple piece with a small number of rhinestones embedded. You don’t have to wear all glittery pieces: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Just wear one pair of rhinestones earrings or a pendant or headbands. Match it with sterling silver for a sophisticated look. A rhinestone headband in the evening with a pair of pearl studs is stylish. They won’t be overwhelming your style, at the contrary adding sparkle to your personality in a unique way. Remember rhinestones are not only for the night occasion, use them wisely.

turquoise chunky necklace
Chunky Turquoise Jewelry Set

Turquoise is one of those jewelry stone that never goes out of style. Consequently, is one of the most recognized and respected gemstones throughout the world. It has an equally impressive historical past. You will never go wrong owning a piece of turquoise jewelry. Learn more about turquoise on our article: https://www.mariasilverbutterfly.com/tips-on-turquoise-jewelry/ This article will help you to make good choices on your turquoise jewelry. Turquoise jewelry can be overwhelming to the eye because usually they are colorful, different in style, chunky, large, and they are stone jewelry. At times they are complemented with sterling silver.

On the photo above is showing gorgeous pieces of turquoise jewelry: necklace, earrings and bracelet. Those pieces can be worn all at once with a white or black dress or wear it independently of each other. If you want to wear the necklace with a sterling silver earrings. The bracelet with blue jeans and sterling silver necklace and earring. So versatile set. This is the way to complement turquoise jewelry with other pieces and look elegant.

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