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5 Facts to know about Turquoise Jewelry.

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5 Facts to know about Turquoise Jewelry.

June 25, 2019

Turquoise Jewelry History Facts

Turquoise jewelry is beautiful to dress in blue jeans, a white shirt, a colorful dress, and with other accessories. Versatile in color, uniqueness, style, and enhances every woman style. Is vital to learn about turquoise jewelry to appreciate it. 

Early jewelry artisans handcrafted turquoise rocks with silver and styled them into necklaces, bracelets, and even belt buckles.  To this date, turquoise and silver are one of the jewelry’s most classic combinations. Turquoise is long associated with Native American and Southwestern regions. It is one of the most recognized and respected gemstones throughout the world. The Egyptians believed that a turquoise rock with bring wealth, good fortune, and protection from evil.   It has an equally impressive historical past. https://www.gia.edu/turquoise-history-lore

Jewelry experts also tell that turquoise color would fade or change color when the individual is a danger or if a lover had recently been unfaithful.

Whether a person believes in such stories or not, the simple fact remains that the turquoise necklace around your neck and other pieces of turquoise earrings look fashionable.

News Release

Network Reference: Author: Smart News Release ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.–(BUSINESS WIRE)

Turquoise jewelry, a must-have for celebrities and fashion divas, is soaring in popularity worldwide. Whether it’s Taylor Swift’s turquoise earrings, Beyoncé’s turquoise bracelet, Sofia Vergara’s turquoise ring, or Lara Spencer in her stunning turquoise necklace. Specialty retailers and department stores are racing to add turquoise to their product lines these days.

“Everyone loves turquoise,” says a smiling Romie Salem of Turquoise Network, a leading online jewelry retailer. “Unfortunately, much of what is in today’s market is overpriced or just imitation turquoise.”

Salem shares some guidelines to filter out the real from the fake. “When shopping for authentic turquoise, there are five main descriptions to look for: Natural, Stabilized, Reconstituted, Dyed Stone, and Imitation.”

Five Facts about Turquoise Classification

NATURAL: Untreated turquoise with the same properties it had when it came out of the ground. Very little jewelry in the market contains natural turquoise (probably less than 1%, according to Salem).

Genuine Turquoise Jewelry Stone Necklace

Sterling Silver Oval Genuine Turquoise Stone Necklace

STABILIZED: Turquoise that has been treated to enhance its color and make it more durable. Stabilized turquoise is “Genuine Turquoise” by jewelry industry standards. Most turquoise jewelry in the market is that, including those sold by TV shopping networks and department stores. Salem points out that even the highest grades of turquoise, such as Sleeping Beauty, are usually stabilized for better jewelry production and wear.

chunky turquoise jewelry
Howlite Chunky Turquoise Necklace

HOWLITE/MAGNESITE/OTHER STONES: Not turquoise at all. Natural stones are dyed to resemble turquoise.

IMITATION/PLASTIC/RESIN/BLOCK: Not turquoise at all, but merely a mix of chemicals.

Given that real turquoise jewelry is difficult to mass-produce, retailers often struggle with inventory shortages and have little incentive to lower their markups. “That’s where we are different; our mission is to make high-quality sterling silver and genuine turquoise jewelry affordable for everyone.”

Salem concluded with an emphasis on quality: “It isn’t simply about low prices. It’s more about offering high-quality products at the lowest prices. Real, honest-to-goodness ‘value’—that’s the key.”

This Smart News Release features multimedia.  http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170414005047/en/

To learn more about turquoise, including traditional and Mohave Purple Turquoise, visit the “Understanding Turquoise” article found on www.TurquoiseNetwork.com.

View source version on businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170414005047/en/

Move aside diamonds; turquoises are coming in hot to become a woman’s best friend. The vibrant green shade with a tint of blue can work correctly with all colors, and we here at Maria Silver Butterfly know it. Buying jewelry online has never been easier—pretty to look at and affordable.

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