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Forever More Heirloom- Pearls are Back!

Pearls are the most beautiful jewelry for their elegance, simplicity, and longevity. They are making a strong come back and are here to stay.

Tahitian Pearls

Akoya and Tahitian pearls come directly from the Japan Pearl Farms and Tahiti. These pearls are peculiar, natural stones originating in the south seas, refined in the most remote pearls farms, then crafted into a simple, sophisticated piece of jewelry and imported into many countries to please our craving for high-quality pearls.

Known for their unusual colors, exciting shapes and affordable prices, Freshwater Pearls have won the hearts of millions lovers of pearls. I have to say that the quality of the Chinese Freshwater pearls has improved greatly. They are cleaner, rounder, and more lustrous. Freshwater pearls are mass produced, and this is one of the reasons for their affordability and popularity. Their sizes range from small 5mm approx. to 15mm and different styles. 

Facts about Pearls

  1. Natural pearls are found in the Persian Gulf, but they are very hard to get and extremely costly.
  2. Cultured Pearls grown in Pearls farms such as in Japan.
  3. Pearls can be found in salt water or fresh waters.
  4. The saltwater pearls such as Akoya cultured pearls are grown in Japan and some in China waters.
  5. Tahitian pearls are naturally colored and are called black pearls; ranging from hues of grey, green, blue, black, and
  6. Freshwater pearls grows on lakes, rivers, and ponds mostly in China. 
  7. Imitation pearls are usually a coated glass bead. Most have a high luster, but not the depth of luster seen on high-quality cultured pearls. It is very difficult to determine the natural from the cultured or imitation because nowadays pearls are processed with a high luster and colors enhancing their look to imitate the real pearls. 

Regardless of their price or rarity pearls are nonetheless beautiful. And when it comes to choosing between a freshwater pearl vs. saltwater pearl, or natural pearls at the end, the economical price can be the deciding factor for a lot of people. 

Pearls Versatile look:

I found these photos on Pinterest that demonstrates a versatile way to wear pearls, giving them a trendy look. You can add a chain as well in combination with the pearls as on this photo. It really looks great. Instead of using a ribbon to put it all together I will use a plain silk rope in black kind of thin but strong to tied it all in place. It will look more professional and less conspicuous.  I don't recommend to do this with sophisticated pearls such as Akoya, Tahitian, Japanese South sea or any other very expensive pearls just because those ones you need to preserve for that special occasion and they are treasure to safeguard.


Versatlie  use of Style  for Pearls 1Versatile Pearls Style 2Versatile Pearls Style 3

The good thing about pearls is that can be worn with everything, and they are never out of fashion.  I have seen them with a pair of jeans and a white shirt, believe me, the wearer looked great! 

I wear mine with whatever I feel like it because it gives me confidence, elegance and a sort of sophistication like Princess Diane.  Pearls makes a great gift even for a 6 years old girl. Pearls are a gift that when someone receives them a WOW! expression comes out, and the admiration on others faces.  

Pearls are the most versatile jewelry there is, they will always be in fashion and will always look good. Here are some example of how to wear your pearls.  As a necklace, earrings, pendant, bracelet, brooch or even on a ring, pearls are excellent choice to wear at any time given. By the way, pearls are the greatest gift of all after diamonds, of course, for that special occasion or special people in one's life.

Remember that Pearls are Forever More Heirloom!! Own one today.


(above photo) Black South Sea Cultured Pearls necklace exotic, elegant and sophisticated. Pearls are 7.5mm in size, Grade AA  and in spectacular hues of blueish to black and grey. This exquisite strand of rare South Sea cultured pearls will truly be a heirloom for any women's jewelry collection. Buy it Today!  SKU: 1194

Model with chunky imitation pearls

Vintage Pearl Earrings

In our website, you will find other pearls such as freshwater, cultured saltwater pearls, and even imitation or man-made pearls of high quality. Our collection of pearls will satisfy your taste and your pocket as well. We offer high-quality pearls regardless if they are the real thing or imitation.





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