Correct Way to Measure for Necklaces

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Your neck size will determine what necklace length will be best for you. If you neck is thin the necklace will fall low and if is thick the necklace will fall higher.   

How to measure your neck size  

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Take a measuring tape cloth like and put it around your neck, then add 2-4 inch to the result. That will be your neck size to select chains or necklaces. If your neck measured 17 inch  you probably will need a 20- 22 inch length necklace.  Your height will have to be taken in consideration, so add another inch or so depending on the necklace style. Be conscious of your the look you want to achieve.   


Choosing necklace size  

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This can be tricky  because also depend on style and preference such in diagram. If you are a full figured women try not to get necklaces that are less than 18 inch in length. Chunky necklaces for full figured women are very elegant but need to measure  between  18 -22 inch long to look elegant. A chain need to be longer than 22" if is thin and 20" for thicker chain with a pendant.  

For a  small or medium size women thinner chains are more appropriate. Look at the chart above for a more accurate measure sizes of necklaces and chains to wear. A man's neck size is measure by his his shirt's collar size.

Measuring neck size for women is different because we are talking about necklaces sizes to go over a women's clothing. Men usually wear chokers or necklaces that are easy to see under their shirt. One a women petite a 24" necklace or chain will be too large but in a regular size women is ideal.

Take in consideration your size, your style, your wardrobe, fashion and the occasion when selecting necklaces. Measure the neck at home, keep those sizes with you in your iphone like the size for chokers, long necklaces, short necklaces, chain with or without pendant. This will help you to make a quicker selection when you are shopping on line or at the store.  

Choosing the appropriate necklaces for your  different dressing styles:

  1. Always select a long or mid chest necklaces for round neck dresses. A chain with a pendant looks very elegant with a round neck dress. Also a choker looks great. 

  2. If wearing a  V neck dresses is appropriate to wear long chains or a chunky beautiful mid chest necklace. Never allow a necklace to  hang on the end of the V shape, always few inches above that end of the V line.

  3.  I suggest for a petite women no chunky necklaces, wear a nice stone or crystal cute necklace or pearls. 

  4. When wearing  a shirt that has buttons on the front wear a long chain or sets of chains for simple  and elegant look. No chunky necklaces. Pearls are also nice looking with this type of shirts even when they fall above mid chest. 

  5. For a shirt with round neck follow the same as round dress neck.

  6. For a turtleneck always wear a long necklace or a necklace to below mid chest. No chokers or thick necklaces. Long pearl necklace, multi ropes chains,or any jewelry necklace that is not short in size.

Pearls are very nice add on to any wardrobe.  Be conscious look at yourself with the necklace on before stepping out of the door. Colors and design of  your dress has to synchronized with the jewelry that will wear.  Simplicity and elegance is a most. Make a statement with you piece of jewelry. Select unique pieces, don't look at the price, look at the characteristic of the piece, the quality, the beauty and the wardrobe you will wear with it . Take care your jewelry and yourself. Be proud to of your style because your style speak a million words about you.


Maria Perez
Maria Perez


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