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Want to know about Cross Jewelry History?

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Want to know about Cross Jewelry History?

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Dec 30, 2017

Cross Jewelry is a statement piece of jewelry, whether it is for religious or fashion. A cross pendant,  in a necklace,  bracelet, or brooch will always bring attention to the eye. Crosses are fashionable and never goes out of style.  The history of the cross goes way back to the time of Jesus Christ,  as we all know. Viewed as the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross.cross jewelry by the Egiptians

Initially, the cross shape was of the letter T surmounted by an oval or circle and sometimes with a simple or filigree design. The Egyptian Christians adopted the cross with a ring or loop as the symbol of “life.”  This cross was also called a ‘Crux Ansata,’ meaning “cross with a handle.” The Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying the cross by its loop or bearing one in each hand, and arms crossed over their chest.

The cross was a symbol of Christianity and holiness by the Templars and the Crusaders. Also, as an ornament among the Syrians, Greeks, Europeans, and others.  It was a symbolic object attractive to anyone!  The two most common forms of crosses present in the Christian religion are the Greek cross and the Latin cross.

Cross Jewelry A Statement Piece

Crosses are also extremely popular for their deep, personal, historical, and cultural significance. They are elegant to wear as a tattoo,  with a sweater, on a chain, as a choker with a rope, as a pin or brooch, key chain or as a bracelet charm.

cross jewelry set in a necklace
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We have a collection of necklaces with crosses to make a fashion statement. All are handmade by artisans, amazing in beauty and uniqueness — a collector’s piece for sure.

A cross is the piece of Christian history, a symbol of integrity and sacrifice. Any person that receives cross jewelry as a gift will be delighted. Be a collector of beauty and uniqueness.! Own a cross today.

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