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Go Big: Why Bold Jewelry Makes the Look

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Go Big: Why Bold Jewelry Makes the Look

Jewelry is one of the best ways to accessorize and enhance the look of any outfit. It adds a unique design element to your overall look and has the ability to make any boring, dull outfit a glamorous one. Depending on your personal tastes, the type of jewelry you wear may differ. While some adore delicate jewelry pieces, others desire bolder, thicker ones.

Delicate and thin pieces of jewelry may have their own charm, but nothing makes quite a statement as bold jewelry does. This year, it’s all about going bold—bolder with your dreams, your opinions, and of course—your statement jewelry pieces.

Here is why bold jewelry makes the look:

It can spruce up even the simplest of outfits

Bold jewelry means you won’t need anything else to enhance your look—it does the job solely by itself magnificently.

Even the plainest of t-shirts or tops can look instantly more stylish with a vibrant statement necklace or earrings. They’re the best choice for those who want to be and look comfortable, but not too comfortable. For a bohemian look, opt for pieces with beads and colorful stones!

In order to make the most out of bold jewelry pieces, avoid wearing them with heavily patterned or sequined tops. You don’t want to distract attention away from your bold jewelry, because its sole purpose is to be the center of it. The whole point is to achieve a minimalistic look and not have too much going on in your outfit.

They come in a countless variety

Bold jewelry comes in endless varieties, and this means you always have something to match your outfit with. Think oversized rings, thick necklaces, beady earrings, metal bracelets—there is really no lack of options.

Heavy hoops, teardrop earrings, colorful stone necklaces are the latest craze. They look trendy with any color, and are suitable to wear at any occasion or event.

It reflects your personality

Your choice of bold jewelry can speak volumes about your personality. People who wear antique, bold jewelry pieces for instance, love the fact that their jewelry comes with a story, that it’s more than just a piece. They can be artsy in nature and somewhat reserved as well.

Moreover, adoring bold jewelry pieces on plain outfits can symbolize your sense of balance and thoughtful, orderly personality. They show the world you’re not afraid to stand out, and that you take pride in your appearance.


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