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Handmade Jewelry And Ways You Can Style It

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Handmade Jewelry And Ways You Can Style It

How many times have you been complimented by your friends because you were wearing exquisite handmade jewelry? Too many times to count, we’d guess. Handmade jewelry is intricately crafted, with careful attention paid to detailing, texturing, and layering pieces. Once you’ve learned how to pair it, you can practically pull off any outfit with minimal effort.

Create layers with rings, necklaces, and bangles

Layering jewelry is one of the hottest trends this season. Experiment with contrasting lengths, textures, and colors of to make yourself look more appealing and put together.

Layering up necklaces of different lengths can add sparkle to your personality.  Layered bangles, for instance, spice up any bland outfit. A classic option is adding a pop of color to a plain white dress with several colorful bangles.


Think about your earrings

When it comes to handmade jewelry, you should buy a pair of earrings with colors that compliment your hair, skin tone, and eye color. If you have green eyes, a pair of handmade turquoise earrings will make your eyes look brighter. Similarly, if you have tanned skin, you should opt for golden pieces to compliment the warm undertones of your skin.

Accessorize depending on your outfit

Perhaps the most quintessential aspect of jewelry styling is coordination, and that’s why you need to make sure that the accessories you’ve selected for your outfit—such as belts and purses—don’t clash with your handmade jewelry.

Try not to overdo it

Even though you might want to make your jewelry the focal point of your look, it’s important to know when to stop. The best way to achieve your desired look is to figure out which part of your body you want to draw attention to. For instance, if you want your neck to look sleek and elongated, it’s best to avoid wearing a pair of bold earrings and use long or short necklaces with small earrings. .

Wedding Necklace

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