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What better way to purchase a gift or to please your personal desire than having your friends help you to obtain that special piece of jewelry that you

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Our Story

About us will tell you who we are,why should you trust us and gives you a summary of our history. Maria Silver Butterfly goes way back to 1994 when we were in the military trying to make it every day. I was a working nurse for the army, my husband deployed most of the time. We had two boys and in my spare time I started having interest on creating jewelry as a hobby, soon I was going to bazaars to see what was in the handmade jewelry market.

My interest to attend bazaars, were you find tons of vendors, was to collect information, do a research on the jewelry market and evaluate the quality of their products. I got to know the jewelry industry very well and not only was I making jewelry I was collecting from Artisans I met from all places that we were stationed.

My husband and I loved to attend bazaars and as the years went by I had enough jewelry at hand to start selling them. I want to showcase my collection. My husband encouraged me to do so. Those days you didn't have to invest much to create a business. Put a table, pay a fee, adorned the table and there you go- sell and meet people. Good all days for sure!!

At the time the jewelry industry was not booming as it is today. Sells were great, the handmade industry was on top. Artisan were the thing of the day, they were able to sell to a niche market without no problems. Prices were not a question but the creation, the quality and the story behind every produced jewelry item. Those days are gone!

Then, a friend motivated me to have my first jewelry demonstration at her house. I was a nervous rack, my husband always at my side, gave the pep talk to the ladies and made them feel excited on that first night. They shop and shop without hesitation. We played few games, gave prizes (piece of jewelry) to each winner, we ate, talked and from there we got more jewelry party bookings.

Doing jewelry parties on those days was safe and enjoyable. It was the fun behind the party and not the jewelry, which made it more attractive to sell the product.

I needed a name for my business, it was booming and after so many thoughts Maria Silver Butterfly was born. Maria for my name, silver because I love silver whether is jewelry or home items, and my love for butterflies. I thought that my brand name will be unique. Later I dedicated my business to silver. Now these days I am on just into the uniqueness and creation of jewelry pieces of all kind.

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About Us: Knowing us will make your shopping experience confident to trust your business transaction with us.
Maria Silver Butterfly is a jewelry business managed by me and my dear husband Rick.

The founders

I am jack of all trades; making jewelry, sweaters, clothing, doing taxes, counseling and supporting women and everything else between. Besides all of that I am a federal retired Registered Nurse (retired 2016). Author of the cookbook 'Tropical Cooking Made Easy, former creator and editor of the Nursing Magazine 'Hospital, Newsletter Editor, Designer of various publications and recipient of the Commander's Award and Achievement Medal during the Panama Canal War in Central America.

My husband is a Military retired IT Specialist. He received countless medals and High Performance achievement awards during his career in the army and served this country for 20 years. His dedication is to his family.

We have two married adult children both graduate from Texas Tech University. We are proud grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters and one grandson, lovable parents of Princess, our precious miniature poodle and the latest acquisition Shactzy, our Rottie of 6 month.

Our Goal

Our goal for the website is to cater to every women young to old, women of fashion and uniqueness with one of a kind jewelry piece.