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Jewelry Birthday Club Join Us Today

Jewelry birthday club Join Us Today and get $10. Gift. Get special discounts every six months, exceptional discount on you birthday only and refer a friend for a 50% discount. Learn more at Maria Silver Butterfly

Birthday Club Gift Boxes-Birthday Club-Maria Silver Butterfly.
  • As a Jewelry Birthday Club member you will be able to pick incentives as "gifts" only on your birthday month and as a regular customer later. You will receive a  $10.00 gift to shop at your delight in our online store. This gift certificate will require for you to do a purchase min. $25.00. Only on the month of your birthday you will receive  a very special offer, not found on our site for any other customer.

  • If you become our customer and retain your email for us to send you offers, you will receive a 'loyalty reward' incentive gift of 30% discount on any jewelry product on our site. This special and unique offer will be send to you at the end of the six month with us and another 30% discount at the end of the year, before Christmas. You can't combine these offers as each one will have expiration dates of a month.

  • Jewelry Birthday Club members will receive emails throughout the year from our website, without obligation to purchase anything. 

  • If a member decides to opt out from the Birthday Club or email offers, just email us with the request to remove you from our email list. 

  • When a member refer us to a friend or family and they join the Birthday Jewelry Club, you will receive a 50% discount on any of our jewelry pieces. WoW! Can get better than this. 

The first incentive gift coupon will  last for the entire birth month without imposing on the your special day. After the birthday month have expired you won't be able to use the $10.00 gift.  Birthday offers are no transferrable. think about this: It is nice to have $10.00 gift available to purchase a gift for someone or yourself that won't cost you much. Let's say a jewelry piece of $25.00 will cost you only $15.00 with no S/H. That is a great deal!  Bargains galore for the Birthday Queen.!