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Mix and Match! The Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Jewelry with Clothes

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Mix and Match! The Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Jewelry with Clothes

Pairing Jewelry with clothes this summer is not an easy task. We bet you’ve got all your party outfits planned out! Whether you wear a black mini dress for drinks tonight or a flowy floral dress for brunch the next day, you can’t leave the house without spicing up your look with jewelry. But the only thing harder than picking out the right outfit is deciding on the perfect jewelry to go with it.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to coordinate jewelry with your outfit? Here are some of our quick and easy tips for you to help you leave the house looking like an absolute diva!

Pairing Jewelry with Clothes to have the Perfect Office Look

Pastel blouses with well-fitted skirts and pencil heels – the perfect office attire! Is it complete without any accessories, though? Avoid wearing dangly and chunky bracelets. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself because your bangles keep hitting the keyboard. Intricate, minimally designed bracelets add a touch of sophistication and poise that will surely get you some points in the workplace. Additionally, studded earrings and small hoops are also good options.

Pairing Jewelry with Clothes earrings

Girls’ night out!

It is your time to shine! Pairing jewelry with clothes is a challenge when you are in a hurry. What could be more suitable than long dangle earrings that glint under the disco ball as your dance your night away? With semi-casual and dressy casual outfits, you can wear chunky bangles and several rings to make a bold statement. Earrings are easy to complement any outfit and even if you don’t wear a necklace for lack of time, you will shine any time.

Leave an impression at that cocktail party

For occasions that require dressy outfits, elegant jewelry is bound to draw all the attention towards you. Pairing jewelry with clothes for that special occasion could be time-consuming. Select the jewelry first then match it with a variety of dresses, this will make your selection easier. Keep it simple. For example to wear a dress with a solid color round neckline, use handmade gemstone necklace, or just a set of pearls earrings will do.

Pearl Bracelet for the pairing jewelry with clothes

A casual day out in your favorite jeans

The combination of a white t-shirt tucked into blue denim jeans is our favorite classic. Use big hoop earrings, and bangles to add a hint of playfulness to your look. If you want to draw attention to your neck area, a layered necklace or chunky ethnic necklaces will make your outfit perfect for the lazy weekend.

pairing jewelry with clothe

Don’t go overboard with matching!

You don’t necessarily have to wear orange earrings if you’re wearing an orange skirt or shoes. The trick is to mix color tones. When they say opposites attract, they mean it. Wear cool jewelry with warm toned clothes and warm jewelry with cool toned clothes. Royal blue bracelets on a yellow halter top will make you look a lot more put together than before.

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