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The History of Handmade Jewelry and What Made It the Art That It Is!

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The History of Handmade Jewelry and What Made It the Art That It Is!

Luxury, designer jewelry may have its own beauty and charm, but nothing beats the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. Not only are they valuable masterpieces of art, they are the product of hours of hard work and a symbol of unmatchable craftsmanship.

Handmade jewelry may be widely popular in the fashion world today, but it is certainly not new to it. It has a rich history behind it, and one can now find endless varieties of it in terms of color, design, and style. It’s not only looked upon as a fashion statement, but it has sentimental value attached to it as well, and each piece has its own story behind it.

Below we will discuss the history of handmade jewelry and what made it the art that it is:

Where it all began

The history of handmade jewelry actually dates back to thousands of years. Jewelry had been used by different cultures and had numerous myths attached to it.

The first handmade jewelry was made in the African subcontinent. Initially, it was made out of beads, shells, sea snails, and more around 75,000 years ago. In Kenya, ostrich eggs were even used to make jewelry. Bones, teeth, and animal tusks were also widely used.

Moreover, around 5000 years ago, countries like America, China, and Egypt started to view jewelry as a sign of social status. Some even attached a religious connotation to it.

Early developments

Over the years, the material used to make handmade jewelry had significantly changed. Instead of being made from natural objects, it started to be made from rare raw materials.

These included but were not limited to platinum, gold, emeralds, diamonds, and more. These raw materials were costly to mine and required hours of work to be transformed into handmade jewelry, and in the 17th century jewelry started to be seen as a decorative ornament only accessible by the rich.

Modern times

Nowadays, handmade jewelry is considered to be extremely trendy. It is popular around the world and each culture molds it into itself accordingly, making this jewelry all the very dynamic.

Emerging trends in handmade jewelry today include thick statement necklaces draped with stones, large earrings, oversized rings, and chunky chokers. The list is virtually endless!

Handmade jewelry today is widely appreciated for its exclusive design and superior quality.

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