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9 Ideas for Unwanted or Damaged Jewelry

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9 Ideas for Unwanted or Damaged Jewelry

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JULY 24, 2017

What to do with Unwanted or Damaged Jewelry


A woman usually owns about 50 to 100 pieces of jewelry; mostly earrings and bracelets. We women love to buy jewelry all the time whether it’s for a special occasion or to have a new piece to wear. I bet they are mostly earrings. They are easily accessible, in any department store, affordable and typically used every day. Also, they accumulate fast, and most of the time is toss all together in a box, and that is not good at all. damaged jewelry blog

Why are jewelry pieces damaged?

The answer to this is the wrong storing system. Earrings tangled up easily with other pieces such as chains and wired jewelry. Avoid getting them crunched up in small space wether drawers or boxes.

Sterling silver rust easily mostly is mix with other non-silver metals like gold, nickel, zinc, palladium or platinum. In the other hand, stone jewelry is the least to break. However, stone chips when they are in places that could potentially allow them to get broken. One example is: placing a stone necklace on bathroom or kitchen counters, where they could fall or mishandle.

anti-tarnish tissue for jewelryUse ziplock bags to store your jewelry, if you don’t have a jewelry box. It is very beneficial to purchase anti-tarnish tissues to place in whatever jewelry storage place you use.

Preserve and Care for your precious jewelry:

Clean rusted or tarnish silver or stone or gold with specialized solutions. They are readily available in any department store. Never use harsh solutions on gold or silver. Invest in a jewelry cleaner machine; cost is very affordable. jewelry cleaning equipment

Pinterest storage ideas link https://www.pinterest.com/mayaestrella/jewelry-organizers/ Here some examples of typical jewelry organizers I found on various websites:

Jewelry Box by Bed Bath & Beyond – Toms Earring Holders on Etsy – Earrings Organizer by Glenor Co.

earring orgazinerunwanted jewelrynecklace storage unitunwanted jewelry

Nine ideas that you will love about what to do with unwanted or damaged jewelry 

1- Take them to an organization that can reconstruct and in turn, donates to working women in need.

2- Hire a friend that makes jewelry or any other jewelry crafty person, for a small price they might reconstruct your pieces or come out with new ideas.

3- Take your most wanted broken jewelry to a repair store. Now, you must know that this can be pricy. But if you have expensive pieces like pearls, gold or gemstones it may be worth it to pay the price. I suggest you budget yourself and take one jewelry every month to avoid having to spend too much at one time unless you can make a deal with the jeweler for multiple repairs like a bundle package.

4- Gold or silver jewelry is of great value. Depending on how much gold you have, organizations or professionals that will melt gold or silver into a bar, and that is cash on hand.

5- Banks and other businesses will give you money for your old jewelry no matter their condition, especially the gold. Diamonds and gemstones are precious pieces to turn in for cash. Silver will depend on the current value in the sterling silver market.

6- Try to learn how to repair your own. Sometimes the jewelry might need a simple adjustment such as a hook or a piece of crystal or stone. Make this a fun adventure, and in turn, you might learn how to make jewelry.

7- Watch YouTube: lessons on how to repair an easy to do jewelry. There are tons of videos on this subject. Preview YouTube video on Broken Necklace Repair. Insane Video! Why didn’t I think of that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQJhWHgvmW0&feature=youtu.be


8- Chains are challenging to repair unless you are a craftsman, but I found many videos on how to fix them. One was using a needle thread to pass thru the open links in the chain, and then a thread tighten-together. I will suggest using a gold thread for gold chains and silver thread for silver chains.

9-  Donate jewelry to the Salvation Army, place them in individual ziplock bags. Let them know that they are damaged and or need repair. Write it in the ziplock bag as well.  Most of the time, crafters and crafter teachers will purchase these items.

At the end of all damaged jewelry could be a potential profit for you or maybe not. I hope you liked this article. 

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