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Why is Silver So Popular for Jewelry?

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Why is Silver So Popular for Jewelry?

Silver is a gorgeous metal that we see so often in the form of jewelry and accessories. It’s a semi-precious metal, much cheaper than its more golden counterpart, yet still quite valuable.

It’s a soft, malleable metal that can be used to craft some of the most breathtaking designs for jewelry, while still retaining its shape and shine. Stones and gems pair well with it, but it’s enough on its own, too. You can buy unique handmade jewelry that’s perfectly suited to your tastes!

What makes silver such a great choice?

It doesn’t matter if you like jewelry that’s flashy, or more sophisticated; jewelry that’s more classic looking or Boho—silver is always a great investment.

1) Silver is a lot more reasonable than gold

The price is perhaps the biggest selling factor for silver. This is especially true since you can even get gold-plated silver that looks like gold, without the hefty price. Invest in pieces that appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities and taste, without having to spend hundreds and thousands on building a collection.

2) Silver is a cool-looking metal that can be matched with anything

The best part about silver accessories is that they can easily be paired with any outfit of your choice. You can wear the same pair of earrings—like the gorgeous Brushed Sterling Silver Open Oval Drop Earrings pictured below—or necklace with a dress, top or formal outfit, without it looking really over the top. A classic silver band can be flaunted with your manicured nails or while running your daily errands.

Silver earrings

3) It’s durable

What allows silver to be worn so casually and consistently? Its durability! Silver is not just a beautiful material; it’s also incredibly durable. Pure silver is quite soft, while sterling silver is much harder, but both of them can last you for years on end. Accessories made in silver don’t tarnish or wear away as easily as artificial jewelry.

4) It’s hypoallergenic

Another major benefit is that since it’s a ‘real’ metal, it’s a lot safer on the skin too. Nickel, copper and other metals can cause allergic reactions that lead to sores, bumps, itchy and red skin. If your skin is sensitive and reacts to imitation jewelry, silver is the perfect solution for you!

Silver Necklace

If you want to get your hands on the gorgeous Sterling Silver Square Necklace Set pictured above, you can do so here.

5) Maintenance is straightforward

Silver does require some maintenance, admittedly. It can change color over time but a simple polish will do the trick, restoring it to its former shine. If you’re worried about DIY projects—which you should be wary of—take your jewelry to a professional and it’ll be good as new!

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